Meet our Performers

We don’t hire instructors

we hire performers

  • Corey

    Corey can dance. And we mean dance. Corey brings so much party to the podium. Expect pop, disco, funk & fun and if you’re real lucky.. He’ll just get on the floor and shake that ass!

  • Noa

    Noa is pure fire! A trained dancer, she breathes music and brings so much energy to every performance. Inspiring on the bike and never misses a beat. She may look sweet but damn she brings it!

  • Lily

    A trained dancer, lily was born to perform and owns the room when she hits the podium. Clip yourself in for a 45 mins high-energy, festival vibe that will make you feel young and free!

  • JD

    Jd found his spin wings in NYC and hasn’t looked back. He’s a muso, loves the stage and rides to balance an unhealthy obsession for ice cream. Expect a killer playlist and plenty of humour.

  • Zoe

    Zoe owns the stage and steals the show! From her first ride you could see she was born for the podium. Get ready for an electric performance, killer moves and a party playlist!

  • Del

    Del mixes old and new but always brings the party! A dancer at her core, she will have you thrown’ elbows and riding dirty. You know this sweat sesh is gonna be fun!

  • Georgia

    There’s no such thing as a bad day when you ride with G. This ray of sunshine exudes energy from head to toe and the best part is… It’s contagious! We dare you not to smile in this class.

  • Jacquie

    Jacquie is not your normal muso. She is fun, fast, and brings infectious energy to every ride. From old school 80-90s classics to new school R&B and everything in between, just try and stop yourself singing mid-ride!

  • Darcy

    Darcy doesn’t stop, ever! The epitome of a #lifeaddict she rides the way she lives – with joy and energy. Expect amazing tunes off the beaten track from french disco to gospel remixes. Everything about this girl is fun.

  • Hannah

    Our red-lipstick-wearing, sequin-donning, Beyonce-loving rockstar. Empowerment coach by day, dancer by night… this girl was BORN for the podium.

  • Chelsea

    Our All-American swim turned spin star comes all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chelsea lights up the room with her smile and her style. From a front row rider, to now the podium, she is such a force on the bike and will take you with her. Chels loves to read, loves the beach and loves a G&T. Oh.. and she’s a registered nurse. The world needs more Chelsea’s!

  • Addi

    From touring the planet with her guitar and her voice, Addi comes alive on the podium and brings so much heart to her performances. She’s a fur-mum, she skates and she’s cool AF. Expect energy, bounce and catchy beats from every Addi class. Damn she’s a vibe!